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Emilie Autumn’s “4 o’Clock” EP

Posted in Emilie Autumn, Music with tags , , , , , , , , , on 27 February, 2009 by Nicola

Emilie Autumn loves her EPs, especially when she has been riding the Opheliac horse since 2006, and has toured three times with it; I know, because I went to all of them.  It seems as if the EP format is a way to get out more material for her die-hard fans to rip their teeth into.

Comparisons with her previous EP are inevitible, and this EP is the clear winner, for there are no ‘repeats’ (unless you put ‘Organ Grinder’ in that category, but this could only previously be found on the Saw III soundtrack) and this EP flows and makes more sense as a whole. Far more atmospheric than the Liar/Dead Is The New Alive EP. Generally speaking, this EP follows the exact format as its predecessor, giving us a few original tracks, some remixes from Opheliac and some random extras. Continue reading


Emilie Autumn’s “Liar/Dead Is The New Alive EP”

Posted in Emilie Autumn, Music with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on 12 December, 2008 by Nicola

This was the last CD I purchased from Emilie Autumn as the two songs were not the most special ones from the album Opheliac. Due to the extra tracks, though, I gave it a go, expecting the same quality that came with the second disc of Opheliac.  Remixes are never great at the best of times but these remixes are really rather good, especially the Manic Depressive Remix of ‘Liar’, which is possibly better than the original.  It is, however, still just an EP full of remixes, and unless that is your kind of thing, it is doubtful that you’ll appreciate this. Continue reading