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Michael Ball’s “Centre Stage”

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I do get tired of Michael Ball‘s albums. He basically spews out about three a year with the same songs over and over.  Especially from musicals, as he is a West End star and acts as such in the recording studio, never making any real concept albums.

To discuss Ball’s vocals is a bit of a moot point.  He’s a baritone.  He belts. He’s powerful.  He’s emotive. He’s over the top. You can pilot a plane through his vibrato, and so on.  He is very pleasent to listen to, has a beautiful tone and thus the material he records verges on tragic as it’s such a waste of a huge talent.  But there you are.  This is what we get from Michael Ball, and we have to make the most of it. Continue reading


Hayley Westenra’s Debut Self-Titled Album

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When I put this album on again after so many years just to write this review, I found myself pleasantly surprised.  After spending so many years insisting that this album was quite poor and was not worthy of any attention I must have lowered my expectations for it considerably, for I now feel quite differently and think that I was wrong to dismiss it so easily.

This album was recorded by Westenra at the tender age of thirteen, though you probably would not have been able to guess that was the case.  It was released only in her native New Zealand, and then Australia in 2001.  It charted extremely well, a kind of success that mirrored that of Charlotte Church over here in the UK.  Of course, at such a young age, and being so unknown, there would have been an issue of what to record.  Her company decided to play it safe, as you only can do with such young singers, and compiled some musical and traditional standards.  Continue reading

Bad Sunday: FFX-2, Fundies & ALW

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Final Fantasy X-2
I fucking love Final Fantasy to my very core.  It’s a nostalgia thing.  It all started with Final Fantasy VI back when the SNES was the console.  I basically continued playing all of the games as I got older, but I must say, that this game knocked the love dead.  I played it almost a year after it came out, I even completed it twice, and got 100%  I remember at the time thinking it was all a massive chore.  But you know what time does to you?  It goes on, and look back and think ‘Ah… it wasn’t so bad, it was kind of fun… I’ll play it again!’  This I tried, and this I failed.  It’s as shit as I ever remembered.  And I haven’t played a subsequent FF game since.  Thanks a lot, Rikku! Continue reading

Shockingly Fantastic Books: Wilkie Collins’s “The Woman in White”

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Shockingly Fantastic Books is a weekly series by me, where I pick out one of my favourite books to write about.  All of the books in this series can be found at the bottom of the post, and they will be struck out as I write about them.

The Woman in White – Wilkie Collins
This book is immensely special and brilliant in many ways. It is thought of to be the ‘ultimate’ sensation novel (which started detective stories, such as Sherlocke Holmes). At the time of its publication it had Victorians waiting outside shops in their hundreds waiting to get the next installment (bit like Harry Potter these days, I suppose…) The reason for this is the suspense and mystery it created and it was one of the first to do so. Continue reading

A Bit Of This And That

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The title is for Emilie Autumn.  Ha!

The truth of the matter is, I can barely bring myself to write anything today.  My head is splitting and I am tired, as I spent the day at work.  I just want to say a few bits and bobs:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother, who is 48 today.  BLESS HER.

My Ma is 48 today.  Don't tell anybody.

My Ma is 48 today. Don't tell anybody.

  Continue reading

A Guide to “Fly II” by Sarah Brightman

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This article is for anyone who is seeking more information on the rare Fly II and/or having difficulty in obtaining it.  On this page you can learn of its origins, details of what is on it, where to get it, and where else individual songs can be found other than on Fly II.  Each song will be discussed individually.


Fly II was briefly made available to fans at concert venues during her La Luna tour in 2001.  It was then very briefly made available on Sarah Brightman‘s official store on her Official Website in 2002.  It was then priced between $15-$25.  It sold out, however, and Brightman’s team have since vowed that it will not make a reappearence.  It is not known how many copies were made but there is probably no more than 3000 copies. Continue reading

Sarah Brightman’s “Love Changes Everything”

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Every now and again, Andrew Lloyd Webber likes to cash in on his ex-wife’s success and release these albums. This is Webber’s sixth release of Sarah Brightman singing his material (or fifth, it depends how you view the album The Songs That Got Away).

It is the sixth, and it’s also the weakest. It has some tracks that fans have not heard Sarah sing before, which is probably where its market value is coming from, but these new tracks are so atrocious that it is little wonder why they have been locked up inside the Webber recording vault until now. Actually, the wonder is why he decided to let them out! Continue reading