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Bad Sunday: FFX-2, Fundies & ALW

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Final Fantasy X-2
I fucking love Final Fantasy to my very core.  It’s a nostalgia thing.  It all started with Final Fantasy VI back when the SNES was the console.  I basically continued playing all of the games as I got older, but I must say, that this game knocked the love dead.  I played it almost a year after it came out, I even completed it twice, and got 100%  I remember at the time thinking it was all a massive chore.  But you know what time does to you?  It goes on, and look back and think ‘Ah… it wasn’t so bad, it was kind of fun… I’ll play it again!’  This I tried, and this I failed.  It’s as shit as I ever remembered.  And I haven’t played a subsequent FF game since.  Thanks a lot, Rikku! Continue reading


Bad Sunday: Eragon, Emma Shapplin & Dogs

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Well, it is a shit book in the first place, isn’t it?  This little kid writes a book which blatantly includes every popular fantasy thing he has ever read or seen; i.e. Star Wars, Dragons of Pern and Lord of the Rings, but that’s not my problem with this film.  Okay, so the source material lacks imagination, but hey, it has lots of ingredients that could possibly make this an interesting film, but it fails.  It fails at epic proportions.  It has dragons.  That’s the first sign that it should be good.  The dragon saved Reign of Fire, because dragons can save anything.  Because they are FRIGGIN’ AWESOME.  But this film’s badness actually outweighs the awesomeness of the dragon.  I’m telling you, that takes a thick pile of badness for that to be achieved.  Other signs include the genius composer, Patrick Doyle.  Then you have Rachel Weisz, John Malkovich, Djimon Hounsou and Robert Carlyle on the cast billing.  I would love to add Jeremy Irons to that list, but if you ever saw Dungeons and Dragons you’ll be fully aware that he is no safe bet.  Either way, that’s an impressive cast, with an impressive composer.  But it just does not work.  It’s so bad you want to cry tears of blood.  You want to know what went wrong?  Everything.  Just everything.  They cast a lead that could not act, the dialogue is incredibly painful and there. is. no. fuck. ing. story.  What is WRONG with film makers these days?  Why is everything so anti-plot?  NO.  None of this anti-plot nonsense.  Put it back in, for christ’s sake!  Imbeciles! Continue reading

Bad Sunday: Nurses, Sleuth & Kelly Clarkson

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Yes.  I know.  It’s Tuesday, but I’m a busy lady, and I missed the Sunday.  So what?  You have something to say about that?  There’s a comment box.  Use it.  Either way, I have some things to say.  Oh yes, I do.


Kelly Clarkson’s “My December”
I don’t rush out and get things when they are first released.  I’ll come across them when I am good and ready; you know, if they just so happen to cross my narrow path.  Such a meeting occurred on Saturday between this tuneless album and I.  Breakaway was alright, wasn’t it?  She seemed to have found a niche there, or something.  I’m not sure where she was going with this, though.  I mean… maybe you can play it as a game?  Spot the Melody?  It’s for adults only; it’s a very difficult game.  One thing is for sure, you can’t play it as music. Continue reading

Bad Sunday: Queen Eliza & Twilight

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It’s that time of week.  Bad Sunday.  Where I write of bad things I have come across during the week.  Are you wondering where last weeks Bad Sunday got to?  Tough luck, because this tradition starts today.  I don’t want you to think that I’m a bad, negative person so I will start Good Fridays too (you see what I did there?)


Twilight Fangirls
You simple, rabid little girls.  Twilight is bad Literature.  Indeed, enjoy it all you want, even I did a little, but accept that it’s bad writing, please.  No.  Nobody cares that the film had Edward and Bella have the conversation about vampires in the forest instead of the car.  We don’t give a fuck.  We are rational human beings.  Someday, somehow, you too, will be rational.  We hope for you.  We really do.
Continue reading