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Ten Best Classical Pieces Of All Time

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As I compiled this list in my head, I found that I couldn’t possibly put them in order.  It was difficult enough picking just ten of my favourites.  I have ignored opera and choral pieces for this list; I’ll do them another time.  Heaven forbid including them all – you would probably be reading ‘Fifty Best Classical Pieces Of All Time.’  Don’t expect expert or professional commentaries.  I just listen to some classical, I am clueless about musical composition.

So here are ten of my favourite pieces, in no possible order:

Symphony #7 – 2nd Movement – Allegretto by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Beethoven probably has the most famous Symphonies under his belt, (I’m thinking of his fifth and ninth here, of which I want to bash the fifth to death with a cricket bat) but this is my favourite, and the 2nd Movement from his 7th is dark, broody, mysterious and melancholic but with dashes of light and hope seeping through.  I might be using the adjective ‘beautiful’ a few too many time during this list, but I’m going to first use it here.  Me love. 
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A Bit Of This And That

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The title is for Emilie Autumn.  Ha!

The truth of the matter is, I can barely bring myself to write anything today.  My head is splitting and I am tired, as I spent the day at work.  I just want to say a few bits and bobs:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother, who is 48 today.  BLESS HER.

My Ma is 48 today.  Don't tell anybody.

My Ma is 48 today. Don't tell anybody.

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