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James Clemens’ “Hinterland”

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I have read all of the fantasy works of James Clemens and this book is his best so far. It suffers from some drawbacks, but overall, it is rather enjoyable. Clemens has created a rich world to set his story in and his Gods (and rogue gods) are sincerely intriguing.

The good news (for me) is that Hinterland is an improvement from Shadowfall. My main problem with the first novel of this series, though I enjoyed it immensely, is that it starts well, but the end gets a bit ridiculous – a villain with maniacal laughter et al. I felt Chrism was a clumsy plot device, not set as a development, but to serve as a mere “twist” at the end of the story, which is why it fell flat on its face (and the fact that Clemens is a bit confused as to what insanity is). This novel does not have that problem. It has villains, but not just for villains sake; they actually have a motive, and they seem at least a little sane and make some sense (Lord Ulf, for example).

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Ian McEwan’s “Atonement”

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With all the hype surrounding this novel, especially after Joe Wright’s stunning outing with its film adaptation, it could hardly go ignored for too long.  Like many hyped up events in whatever category of the entertainment media, either heightened disappointment follows upon finishing it, or you join the crowd of enthusiasts as you cut down any person that dares to suggest that it does not live up to its name.   In my case, I belong to both outcomes.  If you were to ask me of McEwan’s writing prowess, you’ll catch me dancing with the other sheeps, insisting that the novel is a work of a genius.  If you were to ask what I thought of the story, or of the characters, you’ll see me dancing around the book’s bonfire instead. Continue reading