I Have Added A New Page

My Internet Haunts has been added on this website.  It basically has all the websites I go to and links to my profiles.

You may have also noted the name change.  It’s temporary.  I just can’t think of anything witty or great.  All I know is that anything is better than Nicola’s Thoughts On Anything.  Any suggestions?

Hayley Westenra Marathon is still on.  I still have three more albums to review before I move on.  Though she will probably have released another one by the time I have finished.

Busy, busy, busy.


One Response to “I Have Added A New Page”

  1. Mark Regan Says:

    Nicola, your title is just fine, but I wish you would tell us a bit more about YOU, because half the fun of reading reviews is knowing where he reviewer is coming from, what formed their soul, etc.

    Maybe you have already done that, and I just need to read some of your past reviews, but I find that your reviews are so ON TARGET that there MUST be something similar in our backgrounds that cause us to have cloned feelings about some of these works.

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