A New Month, A New Effort

As you know, last month was rubbish.  But I’m fully geared for February.  I have several ideas for articles along with the usual reviews so they’ll be new posts popping up.  It is very likely that I’m going to write a Hayley Westenra marathon.  I have written a review on Amazon for every single album she has realeased, but the majority of them were written when I was younger and quite illiterate, actually.  If you ever check out my Amazon profile, be careful not to go any further back than 2006, otherwise you’ll be met with a young Nicola spelling opera as ‘oprah’ and playing pot luck with “its” and “it’s”; something that now makes me want to cringe and smash my head against things.

But yes, Hayley Westenra.  Been following her career since 2002, it’s time I dedicate some blog space to her.  And I’m going to try to be really nice, because Hayley’s a nice girl, you see.  And you may get a concert review too, as I am seeing her live on the 15th of this month, and I won’t need to try to be nice then because I always love seeing her live.  Jonathan Ansell will be there, too.  Going back to Amazon, I used to write reviews about G4 and continiously say that the guy should go solo – what were the others there for?  I didn’t know.  I still don’t know.  Where are they now?  Nobody knows.

You’re also going to get some more lists.  I must admit, I love writing my lists out.  You know, the ‘top ten’ of things or ‘the best of this of all time’ kind of lists.  They are so addictive.  I could do a blog dedicated to those lists.  Yes, I could.

I’m also setting a goal for myself this month.  I have noticed a horrible pattern of mine is that I never review something that I find flawless.  Seriously, I have not written a single word on my favourite albums or my favourite films.  I’m okay with the lists, oh yes, they are my comfort zone, but a whole, critical review?  No.  I have many times started to write reviews on things I want to write a glowing review on but I can barely write more than two sentences.  And since Amazon customers fucking only click on ‘Yes, I found this review helpful’ when they AGREE with you, not when they actually find it helpful, it is probably why I am not the in top 100 reviewers (I rank at 237 the last time I looked, it changes everyday).  I never write glowing reviews.  I write when I have something bad to say.  How horrible is that?  AND it has only just occurred to me that I write reviews for things on here, but never give them ratings?  Am I on crack?!  You can’t review without a rating!?   

I will give things scores from now on, I promise!  I might even go back and put scores in for my previous reviews.

Last but not least, I have finally picked up a book again.  The Secret Diaries of Marie-Atoinette by Carolly Erickson.   I picked it up earlier, and when I eventually looked up again, I found myself on page 150.  So yeah, it looks like I reading it in earnest.  And, oh.  I’m still shit at the piano.  I’ll be astonished if I make it to grade one. 


7 Responses to “A New Month, A New Effort”

  1. in my opinion a score isnt neccessary, and is only really added for the illiterate masses who cant understand critiscism without some kind of basic score in place to tell them at the end if you meant it was good or bad. To hell with scores, thats for losers.

    • Adam: Oh, really? I guess I am a member of that illiterate mass because I love a score on a review. They’re a bit like sub-titles as they give a general overview whether the product was liked or not, and depending if you want to read review that compliments rather than criticses or vice versa, it’s helpful to people.

      Harun: Thank you, I’m no where near even beginning to write reviews for Sarah Brightman. I think I have half a dozen and a few guides. More to come, I guess! 🙂

  2. hi, Nicola. i’ve recently come across your blog (b/c i’m a relatively newfound fan of Sarah Brightman), and i find your writing and reviews very fascinating. i’ve yet to read all of your Sarah articles, though. lol anyways, i look fwd to your Hayley reviews. i love that girl, as well. ❤

    btw, i added you as a friend on Last.fm (harunoyukino). (^_^)

  3. ChungChungXavier Says:

    Hahaha !!!!! :> :> :>

    You took the words right out of my mouth .

    Jonathan should , or could have or should always have stayed solo by himself.

    All the other 3 G4 guys are just HEDIOUS , especially that fat one , who reminds me of the spineless one from the Mojo-Universe .

  4. yeah, i also find scores/stars useful when reading reviews. they provide a quick overall impression of the critique. i then refer to the text to read the justification. sometimes, however, there is a discrepancy between the score and the actual review, i.e., some people are “hard graders” so their ratings tend to be lower. it’s all subjective, i guess, and nobody’s perfect. despite the subjectivity, though, i still feel that ratings are reliable reflections of their reviews.

  5. ChungChungXavier Says:

    Sorry !

    The correct spelling should be ” HIDEOUS ” .

  6. I didn’t find the other three members of G4 hideous. XD I just found them redundant. Jon was the clear standout from the band, and with a voice like that, deserves the stage to himself. But they split nicely, anyway. Apparently it was because they started hating each other, and didn’t want to end up that way, so called it a day. I think there was open hostility between Jon and… err… the tall handsome one. They were quite open about not getting along in interviews. I found that bizarre! They were sitting right next to each other!

    I hope my scores allign with my reviews. I’m a tough reviewer anyway, so there are hardly any top markers. But they will come. Eventually. 🙂 Do you think I should put the scores at the top or the bottom? Top makes more sense, doesn’t it? Yeah… I might change it to the top. 😀

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