An Unproductive January (but this post has a million mini-reviews to make up for it)

The amount of articles written in December compared to this month is kind of appalling.  But I have not abandoned my blog.  I came down with the flu!  I was helpless!  It began all innocent enough but then it just turned into something really, very evil.  Just evil.  The incarnation of evil.  I am now almost fully recovered, though my ears are still blocked.

I still have my Christmas presents to go through and review – I got enough of them.  I also have had a good month for finding new music.  I am also wasting money on piano lessons – something I will never be good at.  Being a beginner at 23 is something of a handicap, but it could be worse, I could be starting at 50.  Actually, apart from writing hardly anything on this blog, it’s been a good month (media wise). 

Despite being ill, I feel quite happy these days.  I have the idea that my job working in a library is not exactly ideal in the back of my mind and should probably look for a new one, but low and behold, I think I would actually lament leaving.  How many jobs are there where every single person that works there is a decent human being?  I’m quite comfortable there, and even enjoying talking to some customers (if you knew me, this would be a shock).  I even caught myself, the other day, being motherly to a child.  She wanted a sticker, but wouldn’t smile.  Some instinct deep within me didn’t like that very much, so I told her she wasn’t getting one until she gave me a smile, and tickled her cheek until she finally beamed at me.  She got her sticker.  It was a yellow one.  She wanted the yellow one.  As she skipped away with her mother I tried to determine where the real Nicola Jarvis had gone.

Meanwhile, my reading has been neglected.  I am so ashamed.  With a few hobbies and new things to do in a day, I wonder what to dedicate myself to.  Playing a Final Fantasy game did not help matters.  It did help at all.  I still haven’t finished it, but am maxing out stats.  Which is pointless, I could just go ahead and beat the main bosses with one hit if I wanted to, but no, I wait.  Uh.  Moving on.

Things I have discovered this month and have loved:

The Life of Mammals by David Attenborough
I bought this on a whim in WHSmith, and am really, really enjoying it.  I’m glad to say I haven’t finished it yet, and still have some of the best episodes to go through.  There have been some awesome animals on there that I didn’t even know existed.  The beavers amazed me the most.  He was following a family that were solely responsible for a mile long lake. 


Repo! The Genetic Opera by A bunch of crazy people
I haven’t actually seen this film yet, but I am growing fonder and fonder of the tracks with every passing day, and this is only just started to happen.  I’ve known about this song for nearly two years (has it really been that long?!).  Though I am a huge Sarah Brightman fan, it was actually Anthony Stewart Head that convinced me, after watching his performance of ‘Legal Assassin’.  Man, that guy can sing.  God, that guy can act.  Anyway, the DVD will be released here in March.  It’s on pre-order.  It’s fucked up, and I’ll probably look away for the majority of it, but I’m going to try!

Idina Menzel
I got Rhydian‘s album, and whilst I despaired at the unoriginality of the disc, he shared a duet with Menzel in ‘What If’.  Her voice and vocal interpretation immediately struck me and I vowed to check her out.  I kept forgetting, but four weeks later, I did it.  I found that she’s a Broadway and West End star, and is particularly famous for the musical Wicked.  I gave her album a listen and it’s not very good, even so, her voice is magnificent and different, so I will be following her, and am quite pleased with the find overall.

Forever by Jonathan Ansell 
I was mildly disappointed by his first album.  Not because of him, just the material was not to my personal taste.  His second album caters to it more and I fell in love with his rendition of Queen‘s ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’.  I am, however, a little bit concerned by the photos.  He doesn’t even look like himself anymore.  Has he had surgery, or did they photoshop him to death?  Or does he really look like that now?  I’ll let you know when I see him live in February.

RyanDan by … err … RyanDan
I kept putting these guys off because I heard their awful version of ‘The Prayer’.  However, I saw a copy just sitting on the shelve at work so I just decided to finally check them out.  Good album.  I like it.  They remind me of Savage Garden as the lead vocalist sounds a lot like Darren Hayes and their material is also aimed at the adult contemporary market.  They are a tad on the classical crossover side and have a few standards, but overall, very pleased.  Great songs include ‘Like the Sun’, ‘The Face’ and ‘High’.

Three Graces by Three Graces
Self-titled debut albums do my head in.  Please.  Give your albums titles!  I actually reviewed these ladies.  Looky here.


The Classic Piano Course by Carol Barrett
Having started on a different coursebook, my piano teacher directed me to this one.  TEN TIMES BETTER.  If you are thinking of taking up the piano, this book is really good.  It’s to be used as a text book however, NOT independent study.



Sansa Clip 8GB MP3 Player by SANSA
I went to Currys with my parents yesterday to sort out the issue of our broken down dishwasher.  My parents said that whilst it’s broken down, I have to do this thing called ‘WASHING UP’.  As you can imagine, the concept eluded me.  They insisted that there are many primitive, medieval people that still carry out this ritual, but I don’t swallow it.  In any case, whilst I was there I thought I might as well get an MP3 player, since the one I had was driving me up the wall.  It only held 150 songs, it’s on button was broken, and it used SonicStage as its software, and it’s maximum volume was too quiet for my taste.  And SonicStage is quite possibly the slowest and shittest programme to ever exist.  So I bought this little thing for £40.  It’s everything I could have dreamed of.  It’s LOUD.  That’s good.  I have already put on all of my favourite tracks from my favourite albums (that’s 1,300 tracks) and I still have 2GB worth of space left over.  It has no shitty software, and my Windows Media Player is more than happy to put the tracks on there for me.  It’s like… instantaneous.  How did I get by without this nifty gadget?  My mind boggles.


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  1. Mmmm will the real daughter of mine Nicola Jarvis please stand up, your slipping, you sat with your arm round your niece chloe for a photo just the other week, and now your tickling little girls cheeks to get them smile….mmmm whats next…

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