What Illness Does To You

Oh man, I am not well.  I bloody hate it when I’m ill.  More so than others as it is so rare for me.  I normally go around boasting from the rooftops that my immune system is better than yours, but I have now been hit with a douse of evilness.  I’m a good person, I drink my litres of water and get my eight hours of sleep.  Why?  Why do this to me?

Illness is not good for me, not only physically, but also mentally.  Why?  Because I’m stuck in bed all day.  Do you know what that means?  It means I pick up my Playstation 2!  The only games I have are Final Fantasy ones.  Why is this bad, you ask?  I have started playing Final Fantasy X, and this would be fine if I could just play it for the duration of my illness, but as it is, the game takes about 180 hours of my time.  So once my illness has subsided, I will be addicted to the damn game again, and will need to follow it through to its end.  This puts everything else in my life on hold, as I use every spare moment to play the game.  I fear for my blog during this time, I fear for my keyboard practice, I fear for my reading, I fear for my dog.

Final Fantasy is evil.  It takes lives away.  I would write something worthwhile like I usually try to do, but I want to get off this stinking PC to play Final Fantasy.  If I’m not here for the next decade, you’ll know where I am!  God help me!


One Response to “What Illness Does To You”

  1. I can always take away the game for ya….how bout that

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