Bad Sunday: FFX-2, Fundies & ALW


Final Fantasy X-2
I fucking love Final Fantasy to my very core.  It’s a nostalgia thing.  It all started with Final Fantasy VI back when the SNES was the console.  I basically continued playing all of the games as I got older, but I must say, that this game knocked the love dead.  I played it almost a year after it came out, I even completed it twice, and got 100%  I remember at the time thinking it was all a massive chore.  But you know what time does to you?  It goes on, and look back and think ‘Ah… it wasn’t so bad, it was kind of fun… I’ll play it again!’  This I tried, and this I failed.  It’s as shit as I ever remembered.  And I haven’t played a subsequent FF game since.  Thanks a lot, Rikku!


Christian Fundamentalists
Just some classic quotes from fundies I have come across:

  • “The only good athiest is a dead athiest.”
  • “I know for a fact that if I didn’t believe in God, I would have murdered a dozen people by now.”
  • “99% of today’s women are going to hell, as none of them dress right anymore and do not serve men.  Even so, there’s no where in the Bible that says women even have souls anyway.”
  • “All athiests are criminals, murderers, rapists and thieves.”
  • “Athiests are nothing more than beasts.  They have no sense of morality.”


Andrew Lloyd Webber
Do you know what I hate the most?  The fact that I’m a fan of his.  I actually make an effort to see all of his musicals, but I just detest the guy.  He’s just money, money, money and is such a fickle flake.  I’m getting increasingly irritated with every new “discovery” he has made (always young and pretty sopranos), shouts about them from the rooftops, says they’re the next big thing, then he gives up on them.  Then he does this whole BBC show which he insists being on and he does not appear to know what the hell he is talking about.  But whatever, as long as the show promotes his shows and gets bums in seats.  Moreover, he has actually gone ahead with the mad idea of a sequel for The Phantom of the Opera, and it is based on fan-fiction.  He’s a fucking lunatic.  I was okay to be silent about all this, but after reading about him claiming that he’s going to “save Eurovision” he really sent a shiver of irritation down my spine.  And yet another deluded exclamation from Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber.  I hate you.  I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.  I love you’re musicals, man.  Fantastic job.  Keep it up.


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