Christmas & Stuff

Hmm.  Christmas.  I have three of them.  I have a pre-Christmas with my best friend (which took place on Saturday 20th December), Christmas day with the household, and then another one on Boxing Day which, unfortunately, includes every single person from my family which amounts to fifteen people. *cries*

The day my best friend (dearest Adam) and I exchange presents is a mini Christmas in itself, since he always goes overboard (whereas I don’t, because I have no money, so he makes me feel bad).  In any case, he bought me five CDs, five DVDs, one book (Lolita), a few silly presents here and there, and last but not least, shit loads of chocolate.

I kid you not:


Yes.  You see correctly.  A bag full of chocolate coins.  You would have seen that on my thighs over the next few weeks, but I hired a helper*:

Thanks, Wall-e.  I love you.  You’re my favourite silliest present I have ever received. ❤


Youre awesome.  Just awesome.
Wall-e: You’re awesome. Just awesome.


* Do not ask how long that took me to set up. :(!


2 Responses to “Christmas & Stuff”

  1. lol that is simply the best thing i have seen ever… EVER

  2. That looks so cute, not sure how long the chocoholic in you will keep the chocolate coins there though lol

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