Emilie Autumn’s “Liar/Dead Is The New Alive EP”

This was the last CD I purchased from Emilie Autumn as the two songs were not the most special ones from the album Opheliac. Due to the extra tracks, though, I gave it a go, expecting the same quality that came with the second disc of Opheliac.  Remixes are never great at the best of times but these remixes are really rather good, especially the Manic Depressive Remix of ‘Liar’, which is possibly better than the original.  It is, however, still just an EP full of remixes, and unless that is your kind of thing, it is doubtful that you’ll appreciate this.

There are four original tracks not found on other albums – they are not of the quality you found on the second disc of Opheliac. ‘Mad Girl’ is quite nice, and probably the best track on the album, it has a similar tempo to ‘Thank God I’m Pretty’ and the same kind of style, though ‘Mad Girl’ is less tongue in cheek. ‘Best Safety Lies In Fear’ is like a part two of ‘306’. It’s mostly a jumping record of somebody saying ‘If he says he loves you’ and ‘Best safety lies in fear’ with a brooding background. ‘In The Lake’ and ‘Let It Die’ are live recordings and the production isn’t great. They are of low quality in general, the first is repetitive to the point of irritation. Typical Emilie topics, but not typical production wizardry, it being down to just her voice and one instrument (either acoustic guitar or Mandolin). ‘Let It Die’ sounds a lot like the other live performance.

Also on this disc is a preview to Emilie’s later album (which is out now) – an electric violin instrumental called ‘Unlaced’ which used to be a primary reason to get this EP, but now that the other album is released this EP may not be worth it. Do you remember ‘Thank God I’m Pretty’ from disc two of Opheliac? She has put a cover version of it on here from an artist called Spiritual Front. If that means something to you, great, if not, it sounds like the song is being sung by Leonard Cohen. The version is quite interesting, but lacks the humour and irony that Emilie provided.

Bearing in mind, this EP has only four tracks you will find nowhere else, it is questionable if you should invest your money in this. There is not much to take from this album but to complete a fans collection. I think this EP is more for the die-hard fans. Try to hear some previews before committing to this.


One Response to “Emilie Autumn’s “Liar/Dead Is The New Alive EP””

  1. You said that ‘Best Safety Lies In Fear’ is like a part two of ’306′.

    I’m interested in why you thought that.

    Your reviews are quite thorough, and it’s a pleasure for me to come across.

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