The British Public Disappoints as Diana Vickers Walks

I guess I have only myself to blame.  When I tune into a television programme that is mostly watched by the tabloid reading population I should have expected that the media dictates who stays and who goes out in the reality television series The X-Factor

Diana Vickers, though without the greatest voice in the world, had a little spark that set her apart from the usual pop mould.  Even Leona Lewis, without a doubt the best contestant of any of the talent shows across the globe, has that same mould as other singers – fortunately for her she has the vocal range and the professionalism to be a true success.  But Diana had a sweet time during the first four weeks, everyone’s favourite to win, until something completely human happens – she fell ill.  All of the sudden, the whole show’s fixed, she’s dating wothisname, it’s annoying that she doesn’t wear shoes, her hand thing is irritating, she doesn’t dance (since when do people listen to Louis Walsh?) and, news flash, Lily Allen doesn’t like her!  She’s then not expected to win at all, and is voted out.  It happens, and normally I would just accept it, but as I look at the other finalists, I wonder what on earth the British public were thinking.

The Scum (as my brother affectionately names it) chooses to report Allens distaste of Diana

"The Scum" (as my brother affectionately names it) chooses to report Allen's distaste of Diana

Alexandra Burke, sure.  Deserves to be there, best of luck to her.  But JLSEuogfghan Something?  What?  I am not even thinking talent here.  I’m thinking staying power.  JLS is a boyband.  Nothing can be done.  It’s a lost cause.  Let it go.  They have their little groups of girls that will buy their album, but that’s it, and they’ll move on quickly.  As for the Eugoahfndn whatever, it’s Leon all over again.  It’s the granny and mummy vote that are enthusiastic at the time but by the time the album comes along, they can’t be bothered any more unless their children buy it for them for Mother’s Day or Christmas.  I think of the boy as I did Leon Jackson last year – he’ll be lucky to even get a number one album.  Last years X-Factor was so awful with practically zero talent that I had decided to give up on it (I don’t know what had got into people’s brains, voting Leon as the winner), but this year, the talent, particularly among the females, were top notch.

Alexandra should go on to take the title.

Alexandra should go on to take the title.

With Ruth Lorenzo, Laura White, Bad Lashes (I have not forgotten them, I don’t care what anyone says, their Wonderwall was magnificent), Austin Drage, Diana Vickers and Alexandra Burke in the live shows, I thought I was up for a real treat.  Not to mention Cheryl Cole who made a wonderful difference to the bitchy and immature Sharon Osbourne.  Cole had perfect sense not only in her selections, but also remembering the primary goal of the show: the contestants.  But it all went to pot, didn’t it?  Out of all that this final is the best the British public could come up with.  I despair, I really do.

And what the fuck was up with Eugofsn in the end?  His name was called and he jumped for sheer joy.  With that out the way he remembered to be devastated about Diana, then, with absolutely no dignity, wept with full sobby drama.  He then proceeded to interrupt Diana’s final performance by practically pouncing on her like a dog that’s been away from its owner for a month.

Well, at least that’s another guilty pleasure out of the window.  The only reality show left for my viewing pleasure that I do not say out loud is The Apprentice.


9 Responses to “The British Public Disappoints as Diana Vickers Walks”

  1. Such a shame I think she has a wonderful voice and so refreshingly unique. Wonder if Lily Allen’s disapproval is due to her being threatened by Diana as Diana can sing way better than her.

  2. Not sure how accurate the jealousy card is though. I like to keep it close to my chest. Thought the article had enough tone of bitterness already.

  3. Great article, with you all the way. I too liked Bad Lashes but hey ho both they and Miss Vickers just not ‘mainstream’ enough, me thinks. The masses read the papers and conciously or otherwise the votes follow, making Mr X hugely rich and leaving unque talents out of the final showcase. Not sure what contract those who have now left are under but hopefully we will see Diana again, with all the nuances back in her performances. She lit up the show. I had high hopes. Not going to admit to losing them all though, she’ll be back

  4. I don’t think Lily Allen has done herself any favours – I used to like her, but she’s gone way, way down in my eyes now. Any professional artist who feels the need to slag off someone trying to make a career for themselves obviously has something to fear! Shame on you Lily – you should be ashamed of yourself!

  5. Wow, you have said just about every single thing that I’m thinking. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets swept up in the emotion, showbizzyness and melodrama of this show, yet enjoy watching it nonetheless.

    Eoghan has next to no range and will disappear as fast as did… erm, last year’s winner – what’s his name again? I forget. JLS is fast turning into a Louis Walsh-inspired vocal harmony group, basically a Westlife #2. And Alexandra, I admit, has a very powerful voice, and can do a bit of dancing too, but I keep comparing her to other divas, including Leona – we’ve heard that sound before.

    Diana was different, and would have been a real credit to X Factor had she won. Ironically, it’s a credit to the great public interest in her that the tabloids printed stories about her in order to sell papers. But you’re right, as soon as something like the illness happens, the tide turns, and it’s unstoppable.

    As it is, she’ll probably get a deal at some point anyway, effectively making a mockery of the show. But since the show is once again wallowing in its usual sugary sweet sameness, I’d say it’s deserved.#

    And one more thing – who the hell is Lily Allen? She had one solitary no.1 single, and an album that didn’t even do that well. Why on earth does she appear to have so much moral authority amongst the tabloid press and the rest of the music industry?

    • I think Alexandra is a huge talent, but like you, I don’t know how much staying power she has. She needs very good marketing and a solid album to keep her afloat. Leona had it good because top American producers were interested only a few weeks in. No one has stepped in for Alexandra. Like you say, she’s a familiar sound.

      Diana will get her deal, and she’ll do better than any of the others, easily. I do hope, though, that it’s not Simon that snaps her up (though I know it will be). She needs an indie label that knows how to handle such a sound. Simon is not capable.

      Lily Allen is a Z-list celebrity, and we know tabloids love their Z-lists.

  6. Lily Allen hates everything….
    shes a twat.
    Diana is amazing!

  7. This is the best article I have read on the whole X Factor series! I couldn’t have put it better and your words echo my thoughts. I love Diana and Alex and they deserved to be top 2, with Diana winning.

  8. Lily Allen is one of the worst female recording artists out there. Her songs are rubbish and her fashion sense makes an average female chav look like she has stepped out of an Alice Temperley boutique.

    Diana has potential and her renditions of Hellelujah and Man in the mirror were amazing and the best performances on this show, even ahead of Leona’s pathetic version of ‘Run’ (Leona is an amazing singer, just didnt like that rendition).

    But Diana needs some work as she wasnt that good in the past few weeks. But with a good producer behind her, she could be a massive recording artist.

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