Sarah Brightman’s “Diva: The Singles Collection”

To date Sarah Brightman has three ‘Best of’ albums. One was released in 2000 that primarily focused on Brightman’s collaboration with Frank Peterson. It was a good solid release but it failed to acknowledge Brightman’s career pre-Peterson, indeed, it only included songs that were recorded and released with the nineties. The other two releases came about at the same time in 2006. Europeans (i.e. us) were lumbered with Classics: The Best of Sarah Brightman. A pigeon holed release that did not demonstrate Brightman’s career at all, and focused purely on her more classical recordings. The rest of the world was gifted with this gem. Aptly called Diva: The Singles Collection this album gives us the true image of Sarah’s long career spanning the time between 1986 and 2004 (no, it does not include the ever memorable Starship Troopers!) 

Although this disc does not actually include every single she has released, it tries hard to stick to the more prominent and successful releases. It includes three tracks from her ALW era in the eighties, four from her most successful album Timeless, two from Eden, two from La Luna, two from Harem and just one from her least known album Fly. The only drawback of this otherwise fantastic album is that it neglects her album Dive completely. As her first recording with Peterson with some fantastic singles (‘Once in a Lifetime’ springs to mind) it is a shame that it does not make an appearance.

In terms of long serving fans, this album offers nothing new whatsoever and I would not suggest buying it at all unless you want to complete a collection, but if you are a beginner, this is probably the best album that you could possibly start out with.

Last but not least, this album was released along side a Singles Collection DVD that had most of the music videos of this albums track list. That is well worth hunting down, but at the moment Europeans are still excluded from the release, and you will have to live with region one NTSC format.


One Response to “Sarah Brightman’s “Diva: The Singles Collection””

  1. I think that the Gregorian Masters of Chant are some of the best people ever, and you seem like you’re into Frank Peterson which is so awesome. Sarah Brightman is not bad, she kind of remindsme of the more liturgical, Roman music of the Mass that I like myself.

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